We stock a good selection of quality accessories to compliment your kilt. As with our kilts and Jackets, we strive to ensure we support Scottish manufacturers and suppliers where possible.


We stock a sporran for every occasion. We stock dress sporrans, semi dress and casual sporrans, in a variety of pelts and fur. Prices start for a basic leather sporran from £50 and can rise into many hundreds for an elaborate dress sporran.


We supply Ghillie brogues in several different styles from piper brogues to regimental heavy duty brogues. We have a style to suit most tastes and are available in black and brown
A basic brogue starts at £65 and rises to over £100.


We stock a good selection of Sgian Dubhs, including a range of beautiful hand made knives using both stag horn and exotic woods. We also stock standard black and pewter sgain dubhs, suitable for both dress and informal wear. Prices start from £22.


Our belt buckles predominantly match our sporran cantles so you can coordinate your outfit, but work alone very well too. From solid pewter to a basic Celtic design we will have something to suit. Belts start at £16 and Buckles at £12.


Our selection of hose includes a basic white hose suitable for almost any occasion to extremely thick cable knit Shetland hose. We have a variety of colours and patterns to choose from. Prices start at £15 and rise to over £100


We stock a large selection of pins, both in antique and polished finish. The designs range from celtic sword designs to stag horn tips. Prices start from £14.


Our kilt belt buckles, kilt pins and sgian dubhs can go together to make boxed gift sets, ideal as best man gifts. They range from kilt pins and cuff links to a full set of belt buckle, sgain dubh, kilt pin and cufflinks. Prices start from £25.

We also stock other items such a quaichs and cuff links.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for please feel free to ask, we will do our best to source items we don’t have.