Made to Measure


All our Kilts are traditionally hand sewn to your exact requirements in the Highlands of Scotland. You have complete control over how it will look with regards to weight, pleating, buckles etc.  We use all the Scottish Tartan Mills to source your perfect cloth and we can also have cloth specially woven in a specific tartan. We offer continuous care for your kilt by pressing it for you as and when required at no cost. We want you to look and feel sharp at all times and we appreciate that kilts often get thrown in the corner of a room after a long night and need brought back to life!

We make kilts for both Gents and Boys. We can also make school kilts and dancing kilts.


Our jackets are a mix of Hand sewn and machine made, and are all made in Scotland. There is a vast array of materials and styles available to perfectly compliment your kilt. Our jackets are also made to order so you have complete control over the finished garment.

We keep a very limited supply of  “ stock size “ jackets and kilts in the shop so if you are in a rush we may be able to help.

On average it takes between six and ten weeks to get a kilt or jacket made.
If you have left it late we will always try to accommodate you, but of course we can’t guarantee this, but we try our best.

A Gents made to measure kilt will cost from £295 in a medium weight cloth, and can rise to well over £500 for some special weave heavy weight cloth.

Jackets start at around £200 for a made to measure Argyll or Crail, depending on fabric and buttons etc. A formal Prince Charlie on average will cost £295 made to measure. More expensive tweed jackets can rise to over £400.